優秀レポート紹介excellent reports


2016年度前期 国際文化学部、国際学部・国際文化学科

真重 亜希斗さん

Introduce the school you are attending overseas, from the aspect of history,campus, students, etc.

photoI am studying at Dublin City University in Ireland. This university is called “DCU” in this country. This college is famous and has been known to all people who live in Ireland. Everyone said “I know I know! Of course!” when the people who live in here asked me that “Where are you studying?” and I said “I am studying at DCU”. This university has three types of university. The first type is a university, second type is a business school and last type is DCU language services which I am studying at. There are three types of university in same campus, so DCU’s site is very spacious.

There are many students in this school too. Everyone who lives in this city can afford to use this university. In the morning or in the evening, elderly people do running or take their dog for a walk everyday. In the lunch time, local junior high school or high school students come to DCU and eat out in an open space. There are full of bounce in this university.

I belong to language services in DCU and I am studying at there. In this service, there are many nationality, of course. I think Japanese and Brazilian are larger than any other in DCU, and it is Japanese that have the largest number in DCU. I can find and see Japanese wherever I go to. Sometimes I fed up with about this situation. I have some friends who are studying at other university in Ireland. They said to me that there are a few Japanese in their university. I’m so envious. Why are there too many Japanese in DCU? In fact, DCU has one Japanese stuff and cooperates with some university in Japan. For this reasons, I can see Japanese people in all seasons. There are over one hundred Japanese in DCU for a time. I think this is bad condition for Japanese student, but this university’s lecture, facility and activity are great. Every teachers is very friendly and kindly. One friend told me that teachers who worked at DCU get the largest salary in Dublin, so no wonder that I have good feeling about teachers who are in here.

There are a lot of various facilities. For example, I can do exercise in a gym. Public people can use this facility. This gym is very spacious, and you can do exercise whatever you want. There are a pub, bank and big movie theater. I can open a bank account in bank and I can talk over a glass of beer with my friends in pub. The pub changes to night club at night, so I enjoy it. The movie theater is big too, but I haven’t used it yet, so I want to use it while I am studying here. I think the most interest thing about DCU is activity. DCU holds a lot of activity everyday. For example, there is CV activity on Monday. I can learn how to write CV. On Wednesday, there is a conversation support. I can talk with other people one hour in this activity. Otherwise, there are football, bowling and watching movie, and there is day trip on weekend. I could go to famous place in Ireland if I joined this activity. In all activity, I can speak with many people. Thus, DCU gives all students opportunity to brush up our English skill.

For this reasons, totally I feel good that I am studying at DCU. I could recommend to someone if he/she asked to me about this university.

西野 彩佳さん

Describe 3 of your favorite places in the town or city where you are now living overseas.

I am now living in Adelaide, which is the biggest city in South Australia. Adelaide is a small city in Australia compared with Sydney or Melbourne, and not so famous for tourists, but there are many kinds of attractive places in Adelaide. This essay will talk about three of my favorite place in Adelaide.

The first favorite place is Hallett Cove. Hallett Cove is a suburb in south area of Adelaide city, and I had lived there for 5 months with my host family. People who have lived there are so kind and friendly, and especially Hallett Cove is peaceful, so even when I was walking outside in Hallett Cove at midnight, I did not feel any scary. Also, the view from Hallett Cove is wonderful. Since Hallett Cove is located in a hill and close to the ocean, I can see the whole view of the blue sea with green trees and colorful houses. How blue the sea is depends on the weather or seasons, so we can enjoy the different types of scenery. I hope I live in a place like Hallett Cove after I retire a job.

The second favorite place is Flinders Range. This place is known as the first place which appeared from the ocean for long long time ago. Even though it takes more than six hours by mini bus to go there from Adelaide city, Flinders Range is the place where I would like to visit again the most. Things which we can do at Flinders Range is enjoying Australian nature and animals. Because Flinders Range is far away from Adelaide city, there are so many indigenous animals such as kangaroo, emu and wallaby. Of course we can see them in the bush, and sometimes we can meet them on the road. Moreover, there are unique shape of rocks and mountains which we cannot see in Japan. The vast bush area makes me feel like that I am a so small person.

Thirdly, the place which I like the most is Adelaide central market, which is located in the middle of the city as its name suggests. One reason why I like this place is that I have never seen like this market in Japan, and the atmosphere is like the scene written in a manga. For example, there are different kinds of meats and hams which are hung on the ceiling and strange colored snacks. Also, the market sells vegetables and fruits which are directly delivered from local farmers. The other reason is that the market has a Japanese shop, which is called Little TOKYO. The shop sells not only Japanese traditional things like sensu or origami but also Japanese popular snacks and seasonings. This shop help us when we want to eat Japanese food although I feel strange that sometimes the products in this shop are sold with so high prices.

I described the three places which I like the most in Adelaide. Most of the people who come to Australia for sightseeing go to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne because of the popular tourists sites. However, Adelaide has many more kinds of interesting and attractive things than that I described, so if you have a chance to travel abroad, please come here!

吉田 里穂さん

Be a volunteer for one day and report about your experience.

photoI got a great experience in Canada. One day, I participated a multicultural festival in Guelph where I live and go to University of Guelph as an international student. There were some food booths which were from around world and attractions like a ferries wheel and a merry-go-round. In this way, there are somethings for both kids and adults, and also it could be enjoyable for people who have some multicultural backgrounds. I went to there as a volunteer stuff and rejoiced in the festival.

First of all, I joined a volunteer activity of my program and we went to here together. An organizer classified us to each sections of jobs. Then someone did a research for people who came here, and the others picked garbage up in the park. I helped one booth which sell handmade goods from Metis who are indigenous Canadian with my partner. Firstly, we pinched goods with pins to protect to escape away because it was so windy that day. In the afternoon, one girl was dancing their dance with boy playing the violin, and I joined it and danced with her.

Secondly, I joined a drumming of Metis which is like a common action of their. They taught me how to born Metis in Canada and how to act during the drumming due to rules. According their story, once upon a time Europeans were coming to Canada where were living Indians. Then, Metis could be created by them and their symbol could be infinity.

I met Metis who are so kind for everyone and has unique own culture. I was pleased to meet them because I’m interested in Canadian culture. Unlike Japan, there are a lot of immigration, and some indigenous Canadian still continue to live their lifestyles.

森 彩さん

Go to a local market or a farmer's market and find out what is different about the fruits and vegetables sold there. There is more than one difference.

photoI’m cooking meals every day, so I often go to grocery store to get food including vegetables and fruits. Compared with Japan, I found many interesting differences there. I would like to introduce them. There are mainly four aspects.

First, there are many different kinds of fruits and vegetables in the USA. For example, we often see burdock, radish, angled lioofah, mioga ginger, and lotus in Japan. These are popular in Japan, but I can’t find them here. In contrast, I can get zucchini, beats, artichoke. Acorn squash, red skin potato, and parsnip in the USA. These are not so familiar in Japan. One interesting thing is that sometimes even though the vegetable’s name is exactly same, the taste, shape, and color are different. Eggplant is one of the good example. Eggplant in here is about four times as big as Japanese one.

Second, the selling way is different. Most fruits and vegetables are not packed like Japan. I can find good one from uncovered products and the price changes depends on the heft in most situations. Also there are packed fruits and vegetables, but in this case, most of them are abundance amount. I feel inconvenient that there are no cutting vegetables, so I have to buy whole one if I don’t need such amount. This is a big problem for me that I struggle every day. Once I buy cabbage, I have to use it before it goes bad. Same with potato, eggplant, pimiento, nappa cabbage, and apple. However, I’m sure that it is useful for mother who has a family.

Third, the way of supervision is different. When I go to Japanese grocery store, I can find beautiful arrangement. They put products looks really good. However in the USA, it is opposed. Even I can find bad vegetables and fruit. Cleanliness is most important thing in Japan, but it seems not in the USA. Moreover, sometimes they provide expired food. I believe that it never happen in Japan.

In addition, there are more disadvantages aspects for consumers. In many cases, there are no information about where it produced and who made it. Also there are many genetically modified food in the USA. More than 80 percent of corn in the USA is genetically modified. It cause serious effect to our health in many ways. For instance, it is said that the risks of cancer, leukemic disease, autism, and allergy are increasing because of genetically modified food. Because the basis is different from Japan, many kinds of genetically modified food are selling everywhere.

found a lot of differences about vegetables and fruits between America and Japan. Kinds are different, selling ways are different, and the way of supervision is different as well. Both Japanese store and American store have some good aspect and bad aspects. But in my opinion, there are more disadvantage points with some products such as vegetables and fruits than advantage points in the USA. Food including vegetables and fruits is essential thing to living for human. So it means we have to pay more attention to them. From this observation, I prefer Japanese vegetables and fruits because these products are more healthy and safety. Anyway, I want to enjoy American vegetables and fruits in rest of my stay in the USA.

植村 桃衣さん

Introduce how other international students learn a foreign language.

There are several ways to learn English, and the ways vary from person to person. 4 months have passed since I came to Guelph in Canada, but I often feel that I don’t still have enough English ability. That’s why I have tried to improve my English skills by my own ways. Also, many other students have their own ways. We often share each ways to progress our English skills. Especially, students who can speak and listen to English well have great ways to learn English. These ways are very helpful, so I’m going to introduce these ways.

Firstly, many friends and I use websites that people can watch movies and TV shows without circumstance, such as Netflix, Shomi, and YouTube. These websites are necessary and effective for people who study English because they can be used anywhere and anytime. Also, we can watch many kinds of movies and TV shows for free or at a lower price. Using these websites has a lot of advantages to improve our English skills. For example, when I watch a movie and find the words I don’t know, I can pause to confirm a script and look up the words by dictionary. Then I can learn correct pronunciations and expressions used in a daily conversation. These learning help me have a beneficial conversation. Also, we can watch the same movie again and again, so it helps improve listening skill. These advantages, many friends use the websites to watch movies and TV shows in English.

Secondly, my Chinese friends eavesdrop on the conversation by native English speakers in a bus or a cafeteria and note down it. I think it is not good action, but it is helpful to learn how to use vernacular phases as well as websites. My friends and I have some worries about learning English. One of them is that it is difficult to catch the conversation by native English speakers, though we can hear the conversation that our teachers and the other classmates talked. It is because native speakers talk hurriedly, and they use a lot of slangy words. They don’t say something clearly, so it is hard to catch definitely for international students. My friends eavesdrop to overcome this worry. I think it is more difficult than watching movies, but it will help to progress listening skill of catching correctly.

Thirdly, I think having the conversation with native speakers is the most important way to learn language. Almost all of the Chinese and South American students can speak fluency. Meanwhile, most Japanese students can’t speak English fluency, though they are able to write English using correct grammar. That’s why most Japanese students have taken part in the Buddy Program. This is the program that one international student communicates with a local student to improve speaking skills and learn foreign culture. They have to meet at least once per week, so students can surely have a chance to talk in English. Also, some friends and I traveled alone. It was the beneficial opportunity for us. We had to ask local people questions in English because we didn’t know well about destinations. I think that learning language needs is necessary to speak a lot. I felt that it is easy to understand the contents that people who speak the same native language talk each other in English. Therefore many students have tried to have the opportunity to meet native English speakers and speak a lot.

In conclusion, many students have tried to study English hard in many ways. My friends and I have realized advances in speaking and listening. That’s why I want to recommend three ways of using websites, eavesdropping and having the chance to converse with native English speakers. However, these ways are not enough to be great listener and speaker. Therefore, I will make new ways to improve my English, and I don’t regret making an effort.

龍谷大学 国際学部・国際文化学部