Eigo1 2004 Reading- Classes 6&9 M2&3 1st Sem

Teacher: Mr Furmanovsky Classes 6 & 9 Time: Mon 2&3
Rm 4-1 Textbook: Active Reading 1(OUP)
E-mail: 0ffice: michael@world.ryukoku.ac.jp Classroom: kyoin76@yahoo.com
Homepage: www.world.ryukoku.ac.jp/~michael/index.html

Welcome to Ryukoku University and your English 1 Reading Class. I am looking forward to getting to know you during the year and creating a good class atmosphere. I will be your teacher for this once-a-week class and you will have another teacher for your Conversation classes. In the second semester this class will change from "Reading" to "Writing" and we will be in a computer room. Eigo 1 Reading meets only once a week, so I hope you will do your very best to attend classes regularly and be on time.

: If you miss a class, first check the calendar below. Then, if necessary, talk to another student and complete any missed homework.

RULES: Please use English in class as much as possible. Also try to answer any question I ask you. If you don't know the answer say "I'm sorry I don't understand," "I'm sorry, I don't know," or "I'm still thinking.” Silence (or a one word answer) in response to a question is not acceptable.

WHAT TO BRING TO CLASS: The textbook A B5 notebook, a pen, pencil and a good dictionary. Electronic dictionaries (with “history” buttons) are best.

ASSESSMENT and GRADING: Your grade will be based on attendance and completion of assignments based on readings in the textbook and three homework reports-two "GR/OS" reports and one Internet Article Report. You must also complete the Vocabulary Log on pages 169-175.

SEATING: You may sit in any seat, but you will work with a variety of partners so please always be ready to change your desk.

E-MAIL COMMUNICATION: You will make an e-mail address using www.yahoo.com

GRADED READERS/ORIGINAL STORIES: These are short books in the "Self Access Shitsu" next to 3-B104 which you can check out for one week. Graded Readers (GR) are mostly short versions of famous books while Original Stories (OS) are made for young native speaker readers. There will a sticker on the back cover that tells you the reading level of the book. Graded Readers (GR) have 4 levels: White=Basic; Red=Low Intermediate; Yellow= Intermediate; Green=Advanced and Original Stories (OS) are Light Yellow=Low Intermediate and Light Green= Intermediate.

GRADED READER WORKSHEETS: Make 4 A4 size photocopies of the GR/OS Worksheet in this handout. You must read two books. You can choose one of the following patterns:

(a) STANDARD: One GR (White or Red) AND one OS (light yellow )
Complete 3 worksheets for the GR and 4 or 5 worksheets for the OS

(b) CHALLENGING: One GR (red or yellow) & one OS (light yellow or light green) or One OS (light yellow) and one OS (light yellow or light green)
Complete 4 worksheets for the GR and 4 or 5 worksheets for the OS


    1 Graded Reader (or OS) Report 1 May 24 (6)
    2 Original Story (Report 2) June 21 (10)
    3 Article Summary July 12 (13)


Eigo 1 Reading 2004 -Classes 6 and 9 Mon 2/3: 1st Sem Calendar

April 12 (1) Introduction to the teacher and Eigo 1-Reading. Complete Student Information Sheet. Find out about the teacher. Homework: Read this handout, make copies of the GR/OS sheet. Get a dictionary!

April 19 (2) Unit 1-Chap 1 (Food and Health) exercises (Pages 1-5) Teacher talks about Vocabulary Skills Homework: Look at the GRs and OSs in the Self Access Shitsu and decide which one you want to read. Did you get an electronic dictionary? Bring your dictionary to class.

April 26 (3): Unit 1 Chap 2 Food That Makes You Feel Good. (6-9) Vocab Word Families. Homework: Begin reading GR or OS Book 1 and study your dictionary-Jump and History keys.

May 10 (4 ) Dictionary Day. Unit 3- Chap 1 (Studying Overseas ) Meet with the teacher and show him your GR or OS. (21-24) Vocab skills-compound words (24) Homework: Work on GR/OS Report

May 17 (5) Unit 3- Chap 2 My Travel Journal 26-29 Vocab skills-words in context 28 Homework: Finish your OS

May 24 ** (6 ) GR/OS DAY Worksheets due today Homework: None

May 31 (7) Unit 4-Chap 1 Money and Budgets (31-35) Vocab skills: Prefixes Homework: Choose your OS for Book Report 2 and bring to class on June 7

June 7 (8) Unit 4 -Chap 2 My Money (pp. 36--339) Vocab skills: Organizing words. Homework: COS Book 2.

June 14 (9) Unit 6 -Chap 1 (51+54) Vocab skills Word Web. Homework: Complete OS report (Mon 2?)

June 21 *** (10) OS DAY (11) Teacher distributes articles from newspaper. Homework: Work on summarizing your newspaper article.

June 28 (11) Teacher absent. Homework: Work on newspaper article.

July 5 (12) Work on newspaper article in class. Homework: Finish your newspaper article report

July 12** (13) NEWSPAPER ARTICLE DAY. Homework:Write a summer holiday postcard to the teacher.