EIGO 3 PEC WRITING Class 17 2004-05

Teacher: Mr Furmanovsky Class 9 Period: Fri 2

Classroom B-104 Office 4-327

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Textbook: Success with College Writing

Introduction: Welcome back to campus and your second year. I hope you had a good break. I enjoyed teaching you TOEIC listening last year and I am glad to be your teacher again. This year you will be attending Ryukoku for the first semester only. For this reason, the usual one year Eigo 3-4 Reading/Writing class will become a one semester Eigo3 Writing class. The reason why we will focus on writing rather than reading is because you will be expected to do some academic writing when you are in your foreign university from September 2004~ March2005.

What will we do in this class? We will


Paragraph 1 (Choose from Page 15)

May 7 (5)


Paragraph 2 (Description of someone)

May 28 (11)


Paragraph 3 (opinion paragraph)

June 18 (10)


Essay (Comparison/Conrast paragraph)

July 9 (13)


How is this class graded? Grades will be based on your paragraphs (50%), participation (30%) and attendance (20%). If you do have to miss a class, you should first check the calendar below. Then, if necessary, talk to another student and complete any missed homework.

What to bring to class: The textbook, a vocabulary notebook, a pen, pencil and an electronic dictionary.


April 9 (1) Introduction to the class., homework, dictionaries etc. Introduction pages 2-3 Homework: Buy the textbook. Read 2-3

April 16 (2) Begin Unit 1-Pre-Writing, Brainstorming, Mapping, Freewriting 5-9 Teacher introduces www.alc.co.jp Homework: Complete the crossword puzzle on page 10

April 23 (3) Begin Unit 2 (Structure of a Paragraph), 11-15. Identify and write topic sentences. Teacher explains homework. Homework: Choose a personal topic and begin writing Paragraph 1 (topics on page 15).

April 30 (4) Chapter 3 (Development of a paragraph) 17-19. Develop the paragraph you wrote for homework. (U.S Teens Reading) Homework: Work on Paragraph 1.

May 7** (5) Chapter 3 (Peer Editing) 21-24 Exchange paragraphs and edit your partners paragraph-comments etc. Finish Paragraph 1 and hand in to teacher. Homework: Begin Paragraph 2 (Description of someone)

May 14 (6): Begin Chapter 4 (Descriptive & Process Paragraphs) 25-28 Begin writing a description of someone. Homework: Work on Paragraph 2

May 28** (7) Continue Chopter 4 (Process paragraphs) 29-31 Finish Paragraph 2 and hand in to teacher. Homework:

June 4 (8) Begin Chapter 5 (Opinion Paragraphs) 33-36 Begin writing Paragraph 3 (Opinion) Homework:Work on Paragraph 3 (Opinion)

June 11 (9) Work on Paragraph 3 in class. Due June 18. Homework: Finish Paragraph 3

June 18** (10) Hand in Paragraph 3 Begin Chapter 6 (Comparing and Contrasting) 40-44 Homework: Begin writing short essay 4 Comparison.

June 25 (11) Teacher absent

July 2 (12) Chapter 6 44,45, 47, 48. Work on comparison essay in class Homework: Homework: Finish essay

July 9 ** (13) Essay due Homework: None!