EIGO 3 READING Fri 2 Class 9  2004-05

Teacher:  Mr Furmanovsky   Class 9   Period: Fri 2   Office 4-327

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Textbook: Active Skills for Reading Book 2

Introduction: Welcome back to campus and your second year. I hope you had a good break. Some of you may know me already but for those who donŐt, my name is Michael Furmanovsky and I will be your teacher for this one year Reading/Writing (and TOEIC Preparation) class. The goal of the class is to improve your reading and writing skills and also to help you get a higher TOEIC test score. TOEIC test preparation will take place at the end of the 2nd semester but all reading and writing activities should help you.

What will you do in this class?

You will:

How is this class graded?  Grades will be based on your book/movie reports, occasional vocabulary tests, participation in class and attendance. If you do have to miss a class, you should first check the calendar below. Always complete any missed homework.

What to bring to class: The textbook, a B5 notebook, a pen, pencil and-if possible-an electronic dictionary. Models with "history" and "jump" buttons and E-E dictionaries are best. See Mr. F if you want some suggestions.

What are Graded Readers and Original Stories: These are short books in the "Self Access Shitsu" Graded Readers (GR) are short versions of famous books while Original Stories (OS) are made for young native speaker readers. There will a sticker on the back cover that tells you the reading level of the book. Graded Readers (GR) have 4 levels: White=Basic; Red=Low Intermediate; Yellow= Intermediate; Green=Advanced and Original Stories (OS) are Light Yellow=Low Inter and Light Green= Inter.  


Graded Reader-Movie Report

May 14   (6)


Original Story 

June 18  (10)


Summer Plans- Vocabulary Assignment

July 9 (13)


April 9 (1) Introduction to the class. Teacher background, syllabus, homework, dictionaries etc. Student introductions  Homework: Buy the textbook.

April 16 (2)  Begin Unit 1-Chap 1 (Chocolate) Read 2-3. Answer questions on page 4-5 (Predicting and Vocab in context) Teacher explains Graded Reader/ Original Story assignment/Vocabulary Note books. Homework: Choose a Graded Reader (Red, Yellow or White) with a matching movie from the Self Access Room. Bring it to class on 4/30

April 23 (3) Work in class on Unit 1-Chap 1 (Addicted to Chocolate), 8-9. Discuss Vocabulary Notebook and electronic dictionaries. Homework: Begin reading Graded reader. Be ready to talk about first chapter with teacher.

May 30 (4) Begin Unit 2-Chapter 1  (U.S Teens Reading) Work in class on 13-14. Teacher meets with students individually to discuss their Graded Reader-Movie choice. Homework: Continue reading OS and fill in worksheets.

May 7 (5) Unit 2-Chapter 2  (Read any Good Books Lately?). 16-17 Homework: Finish your GR-Movie assignment

May 14 (6): *** GR-Movie Day (7) Make groups of 3 Talk about your GR and movie in groups and teach vocabulary and expressions. Hand in your work Homework: None

May 28 (7) Unit 4-Chopter 1 (Going Abroad). 31-35 Homework: Choose an 0riginal Story (OS) from the SAC. Bring OS to class on June 4.

June 4 (8) Teacher checks OS choices. Unit 4-Chapter 2 (A Trip to Thailand) 36-38 Homework: Work on your OS.

June 11 (9) Unit 5-Chapter 1 (Tales from Hollywood) 41-44 Homework: Work on OS.

June 18 *** (10). ) OS Day 1 Homework: Homework: Prepare to talk about your summer holiday and teach some vocabulary.

June 25 (11) Teacher absent

July 2 Unit 5-Chapter 1 Vocab: Word Associations (45). Work on OS in class. Homework:Prepare tot talk about your summer plans

July 9 ***  (13) Summer Holiday Plans: Homework: Write a postcard.


Movies in the SAC which have matching Graded Readers)


Movie Title

Movie Title


Another Country


Little Women


Bend it Like Beckham


The Mayor of Casterbridge


Cry Freedom


Oliver Twist


David Copperfield


The  Piano (Piano Lesson)




Pride and Prejudice


The Enchanted April


The Remains of the  Day


The Full Monty


The Secret Garden


Harry Potter


The Thirty Nine Steps


Jane Eyre



Little Women



Graded Readers in SAC (Movies Can Be Rented-Check for Japanese title)

Anne of Green Gables

Forrest Gump


Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Great Gatsby

The Rainmaker

A Christmas Carol

The Horse Whisperer

Primary Colors

The Day of the Jackal

L.A Confidential

Saving Private Ryan


Mill on the Floss

Tess of the DŐurbervilles

Dr. Zhivago


Tom Jones


Mrs Doubtfire

Twelve Angry men

Four Weddings and Funeral

Portrait of a Lady

Wuthering Heights

Last of the Mohicans