Guidelines for Making Your Own Song Worksheet for Classroom Activity

Making a Song Worksheet
1. Find an English language song that you like. It can be any style but should not be too fast or loud. Also we must be able to hear most of the words quite clearly. If possible try to find a song which is not just a love song, but has some other theme.

2. Listen to it several times without looking at the lyrics to see if you can hear most of the words.

3. Now decide if this is a good song for your class mates to listen to. If you do not have the words on the CD cover, try on the Internet which has many song lyrics. Write or type the words on A4 paper and number the lines.

Making a Worksheet

Create two types of listening activity, a "Fill in the Blanks" and one other.

_FILL IN THE BLANKS. Make 4-5 blanks. If possible, the missing words should be a word that rhymes with a word in the same line or on the line before. See the example below. You might tell us how many letters there are in the missing word or you might give us the first letter of the word.

The other activity should be either: (Choose just two types of question)

_a) Write 3 sentences in standard English which mean the same as a line in the song. Don't use key words from the song.

_(b) Make 3 True/False questions based on the songfs meaning.

_ (c) Make 3 questions about vocabulary. Write down the 3 difficult words and then give us a choice of three meanings or definitions (a, b, c). Only one of them is correct.

_(e) Your idea

        You Can Go Home

        by Chris Hillman

1) I went back to my hometown (a) Christmas snow was on the g_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (a)

2) Saw the girl who used to be everything in the world to me

3)We went back to my old school (b), walked the halls, remembering the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (b)

4) Thought of friends who used to be, everything in the world to me

5) My family moved far away, we never did return (c)

6) That girl found someone else to love. Here's the one thing that I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ed (c)


7) You can go home, and that's a fact (d)

8) You can go home, but you can go _________ (d)

9) Saw the house where she used to live, saw the park where we first kissed

10) Saw the dream that used to be, everything in the world to me

11) Everything in the world to me (e), now just a faded m_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (e)

12) All these years I heard it calling me 6

    Questions about the meaning of the song

Find a line which means

  • I met someone who I used to love _____

  • After moving from this town, I never went back _____
  • I cannot remember all the people and events which used to be so important to me. ____
  • You can never return to the past _____

    1. True False 3-4 questions

    (a) The singer used to go to a park with his girlfriend.

    (b)His old girlfriend still loves him.

    1. (c) His family still lives in his old hometown.
    2. Vocabulary Write down 3-4 difficult words and then write down their meanings in easy English. We have to match them.

    Faded (11) means (a) losing color (b) a blue color (c) a style of jeans.