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Faculty of International Studies


ファーマノフスキー マイケル

ファーマノフスキー マイケル
ファーマノフスキー マイケル(Furmanovsky Michael) 教授
Populer Music History(大衆音楽史)



Our Faculty has a a unique blend of teachers and administrators. We can provide the kind of individual attention that a small university can give but with top level professors and the best facilities and environment. You can meet and interact with professors from several different countries.


The ideal student for our Faculty is someone with a genuine curiosity about other cultures and ways of life. We are the right choice for someone who wants to learn more about their own culture and society and exchange that information with those from other societies. We do everything we can to provide chances to study overseas and meet overseas students.


We provide a great environment from students who want to get serious about learning languages and culture and developing themselves as world citizens. We have a large number of English classes and we are very careful to place students into the right level where you can go at a pace that suits you. Our students are quick to make friends and they always find our teaching staff to be good mentors. In all our classes we introduce global and world issues. This is because we want our students to become truly global citizens, free of stereotypes and with an open mind towards all other cultures, religions and value stystems.


This new faculty is full of promise and excitement. We are not all young in age but we are all young at heart and full of energy to help you develop yourself.

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