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Graduate School of International Studies

Master's Program Intercultural communication

An increasing interdependence of the contemporary world demands workers having expertise and practical skills focused on culture. Our goal is to train such workers by educating our students in a broad range of academic methodologies dealing with intercultural skills and this education is based on five fields: Japan, Co-existence society, Language and culture, Religion and culture, Arts and media. Our diverse faculty is highly committed to a responsible and considerate supervision aiming completion of the program by all students. In addition, by providing opportunities to cooperate beyond the program and the graduate school, as well as for exchange with the academic community nationally and internationally, this program trains next generation of high-skilled workers and researchers being capable to conduct their research in broad fields and across disciplines.

Curriculum enabling to understand the diverse aspects of the intercultural communication studies

Compulsory courses “Intercultural communication studies” and “Research methodology” will introduce to students the diverse aspects of the intercultural communication studies and at the same time, lead them to develop individual methodology for their studies.

Acquiring the expertise and skills in 5 fields

This program offers courses in the Japan, Co-existence society, Language and culture, Religion and culture, Arts and media fields. These courses train students in language, bibliography search, fieldwork and other necessary skills for their research theme.

Team teaching

Starting with the seminar class in the first year, students receive guidance from a principal and deputy supervisor, acquiring basic knowledge in research methods, and cultivating analytical skills related to their research themes, culminating in the production of a Master's Thesis.

Support schemes for fieldwork and other activities

Students of the Intercultural communication program can participate in the “The Graduate Program of Asian and African Studies” which is co-founded with the Graduate School of Law and Graduate School of Economics. By participating in this program, students can apply for a research grant for fieldwork (up to 200,000 JPY).

The Graduate Program of Asian and African Studies(Japanese)

Research seminar

From the 1st semester, Research Seminar A and B provide a platform where all graduate students present their findings and research progress, get feedback from the peers and teaching faculty, as well as this course gives students an opportunity to listen to presentations on the latest research by the graduate school faculty and other top researchers in the field of intercultural communication.

Master's Program Curriculum (Intercultural communication)

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